- Anna Maya Powell, Young Living Platinum Distributor
"I love and appreciate the many friendships I have gained because of this business."

- Carl Janicek, Young Living Platinum Distributor
"I see Young Living as a business vehicle with a lot of untapped potential."

- Benjamin Perkus, Young Living Platinum Distributor
"Today, we have over 1,600 people in our organization and our hearts feel good knowing that others are living happier, healthier lives because of our outreach."

- Carol Pliska, Young Living Gold Distributor
"I was so happy when I found Young Living's essential oils, because they work. My clients know they can count on me, and I know that I can count on Young Living products."

- Jeffrey Lewis, Young Living Platinum Distributor
"Success comes by loving people enough that you are focused on their success instead of your own. My goal is to help thousands of people earn sizable incomes and enjoy financial freedom and better health. I help people own their life."

- Ben and Carol Howden, Young Living Silver Distributors
"Alternative medicine is not a last option - now it is a first option."

- Jodi Mainwaring, Young Living Silver Distributor
"You can be above average with Young Living. Young Living can make your dreams come true if you are willing to participate with your heart and soul."

- Julie Inman, Young Living Silver Distributor
"We share from our hearts because we truly believe in the oils and experience results. [The] products sell themselves."

- Kathy Farmer, Young Living Crown Diamond Distributor
"I have discovered that there is no limit to what one can achieve with Young Living. Success comes from helping others be successful."

- Kim Rinaldi, Young Living Gold Distributor
"I shared what I knew - from my heart - to whoever would listen."

- Marilee Tolen, Young Living Gold Distributor
"Young Living is not what we do, it is who we are. This is a company that becomes a lifestyle, and there isn't a life form out there that doesn't need our products."

- Mary Hardy, Young Living Diamond Distributor
"Out of all the natural alternatives, nothing is more effective than essential oils. And there are no higher - quality oils on this earth than therapeutic - grade Young Living essential oils."

- Carol Pliska, Young Living Gold Distributor
"I count it as my highest joy and it is truly an honor to be associated with such a wonderful company."

- Emmanuel Redding, Young Living Silver Distributor
"If you want to be energized, fortified, and replenished with abundance, you need to start living with NingXia Red (R)."

- Jennifer Goulet, Young Living Gold Distributor
"I have used oils and supplements for my three children for the past 8 years, and I have only had to take one child to the doctor."

- Joy Linsley, Young Living Gold Distributor
"People who are successful in their Young Living businesses are those who think first of our essential oils when there is an illness or health challenge."

- Karen Balistreri, Young Living Platinum Distributor
"I love this business."

- Linda Scott, Young Living Silver Distributor
"This information is life changing and will give you the opportunity to live a healthier lifestyle. Residual income is the way of the 21st century, and what an incredible way to build health and wealth."

- Nida Gonzales, Young Living Gold Distributor
"We know in our hearts that this is just the beginning of a wonderful journey."

- Sophie Ann Aoki, Young Living Platinum Distributor
"Sharing our stories with one another led to a growing community of friends; learning; care; and for many, an unexpected business venture."

- Julie Chertow, Young Living Gold Distributor
"At first, I was 100% resistant to hearing about [Young Living's essential oils] or trying them as I had been using about 15 other brands of oils for 14 years in my bodywork practice. I had never seen even one result with these other brands, so I was not interested in buying any more. Months later, I went to a friend for a healing session and all it took was two drops of the Joy blend that resulted in the biggest undeniable emotional shift, within minutes, that I had ever experienced."

- Carol Pliska, Young Living Gold Distributor
"I hear people say that the sky is the limit for Young Living. But I believe that Young Living has no limits."

- Karen Douglas, Young Living Gold Distributor
"We are so privileged to be able to work with great people and to share with others that they have a choice: they don't have to be sick, broke, busted, and disgusted."

- April Johnson, Young Living Executive Distributor
"Young Living is a high quality company that consistently exceeds all of my expectations."

- Susan Hall, Young Living Gold Distributor
"When Wall Street is shaking and trembling and falling like dominoes, our Young Living checks not only sustain us through this crisis, but my check continues to go up!"

- Annette Qeyquep, Young Living Executive Distributor
"My dream is to be able to just sit around and play with my oils all day long."

- Cecilia Castelino, Young Living Executive Distributor
"I was impressed by the multidimensional impact of the oils and understood that was possible only from 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils."

- Michael Dyda, Young Living Executive Distributor
"What's amazing about the essential oils is [how easy it is] to share them. Simply wear them and use them. The rest will follow."

- April Travis, Young Living Gold Distributor
"Today I changed a life because I had the courage to share what Young Living products can do!"