Natural Household Solutions

Don't think that essential oils can only be used for aromatherapy or massage therapy-they have so much more to offer!

While going about your daily household tasks you've probably stopped to consider the effects of artificial flavoring in foods or the synthetic compounds in your household cleaner. More than likely you've wondered if these mystery ingredients are even safe to use in your home.

Essential oils can eliminate these concerns when you incorporate them into your daily household routine. Replacing man-made synthetics with natural, plant-based essential oils removes questionable ingredients from your home and adds countless benefits. Whether you use essential oils to infuse your favorite dishes with flavor, clean your home without harmful chemicals, or supplement your existing first-aid kit with plant-based solutions, they're sure to safely and naturally enhance your experience.

In the Cooking with Essential Oils section, learn the difference between common vegetable oils-olive, flax, sesame, canola-and essential oils, as well as some of the best essential oils for flavoring your favorite dishes!

If you want to know which harmful synthetics are in your home, the Cleaning with Essential Oils section will teach you which chemicals-known to cause everything from skin to ovarian cancer-are in products you use every day and which essential oils and oil-infused products can replace them.

Every home should have a first-aid kit, and in the Essential Oils and First Aid section, learn which essential oils are good natural complements to your existing kit.

And to make your transition to essential oil cooking seamless, Young Living also offers a selection of top-of-the-line titanium cookware. Discover why your cookware makes a difference in the Cookware section.