Young Living Distributor Stories

Anna - Maya Powell
"We Share Because We Care"

A Swiss native whose study of biochemistry started her lifelong pursuit of increased health and understanding, Anna - Maya Powell is licensed in hydrotherapy and in the Heartmath System and is trained in aromatherapy, reflexology, and bio - kinesiology. This lifelong wellness enthusiast came to Young Living in 1989 as an Independent Distributor and as one of the company's corporate trainers in 1998, when she traveled the US and Canada providing thousands of people with the benefits of Young Living Essential Oils. And though Anna - Maya has always been guided by her entrepreneurial spirit, it has only been recently that she has started focusing on the business aspects of Young Living. Now, the company's newest Platinum, Anna - Maya has her sights set on reaching Crown Diamond - and is well on her way to accomplishing her goal and continuing to help countless others along the way

Dream Becomes Reality

Before being introduced to Young Living in 1989 by Eldon Knittle, Anna - Maya had a dream where a man handed her a key. That evening she accompanied Eldon to a presentation by Young Living Founder and President, Gary Young. Anna - Maya says, "When Gary started to talk about how to formulate like nature does and talked about the life force and power of essential oils I knew I had found the key I had been given in my dream. I walked out of there with the knowledge I had been seeking." And about her decision to join Young Living Anna - Maya adds, "It was Gary's example and amazing drive that attracted me."

Growing Business

Initially, Anna - Maya's focus was on her personal health, not building her own business. But once she started using Young Living essential oils she says, "I felt different and looked different. I was 36 and my skin cleared and I became vibrant and my business just started." Anna - Maya says that people wanted to know what she was using and when she told them about Young Living they wanted to join too - and for many years she continued to build her business with the people she attracted. It wasn't until three or four years ago that Anna - Maya says she decided to build her business smarter and has been amazed at how her business has grown.

Building Smarter

Anna - Maya says that she when she changed her method of teaching to a model of listening and asking questions to understand people's needs, she saw incredible results. "Instead of people being intimidated by thinking they had to know everything," she says, "People now say ‘I can do that.' It's a big difference."

From the start, Anna - Maya explains that Young Living is the world leader in essential oils and asks people if they think that the highest quality natural substances could make a difference in their lives. Then, Anna - Maya says, she listens, stays focused on answering questions with short answers addressing people's needs, and finishes with a question. This way, she explains, you prove to people that they are the most important thing and create a feeling that you are a friend who has their well - being in mind.

Helping Others Grow

As a general rule Anna - Maya asks new distributors to write down an emotionally charged dream or need. She has people create their own personal strategy and create tasks that can be completed within one or two weeks. She also advised them to gain and write down personal experiences that others can relate to. "If you tell a story about overcoming a big sickness, it may sound unbelievable and if the person doesn't have that sickness, the person might say they don't need Young Living," she says, "But low energy, wrinkles, emotional overcoming - these are the kind of things everyone can identify with."

Anna - Maya is also quick to acknowledge that signing up new distributors is only the first step. She says that following up properly with monthly product information through a newsletter or other communication method is imperative. Anna - Maya's organization has an online newsletter and she also sends part of her organization a physical mailer as well. "The volume goes up noticeably a few days after sending newsletters," she adds.

Anna - Maya Today

Anna - Maya starts each new day by getting inspired through listening to a positive tape, writing, reading, and using a favorite essential oil. Then, if she's not traveling, she spends 30 to 40 hours a week supporting her existing teams and working on new prospects. "Since most all of my working members are out of town, I am on the phone coaching or calling to tell them that we appreciate them or I am on the computer," she says.

Grateful for Nancy and Eldon Knittle - her supportive upline - and her "most amazing" downline, Anna - Maya knows that Young Living is here to stay. "Young Living is so unique," she says, "You can live your passion no matter what."

Anna - Maya is especially appreciative of the hard work of Gary and Mary Young and also gives special thanks to her first husband, Jorn Eisvanj, who never let her give up, and her current husband, Jim Powell, who is a keen business partner.

Anna - Maya Recommends

Ningxia Red, Power Meal, Balance Complete, True Source, and Super Cal are products Anna - Maya uses daily. Other products, such as Multigreens, K&B, and Rehemogen she takes in cycles as needed. When traveling, Anna - Maya says she loves Exodus and Thyromin for immune protection and energy boosts. Anna - Maya also starts each day inhaling Magnify Your Purpose essential oil blend and has many other favorites including Thieves, Dream Catcher, Inner Child, and Valor.

Anna - Maya's Three Keys To Success

  1. Follow up
  2. Follow up and keep people informed
  3. Follow up and show your appreciation

Anna - Maya's YL Declarations

  • I have important knowledge and experience to share
  • I add value to people's lives and I can make a difference
  • I am a confident leader
  • I am a powerful presenter
  • I earn great abundance sharing what I love