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gary youngGary-Young-FounderD. Gary Young's commitment to understanding the remarkable therapeutic power of plants has resulted in the world's largest line of essential oils and blends. Gary has traveled the globe discovering how to best support both physical health and emotional wellness. His discoveries have helped hundreds of thousands of people experience the benefits of natural healing and have led to the creation of the world's largest and foremost authority on essential oils sciences: Young Living Essential Oils.

Gary Young Establishes Therapeutic - Grade Standard

Gary Youngestablished the term "therapeutic - grade," now known asYoung Living Therapeutic Grade(TM) (YLTG), as a guarantee that Young Living will only sell 100% pure, natural, uncut oils that maintain the vital therapeutic potency.

As Gary traveled the world studying the distillation of pure essential oils, he saw wide discrepancies in quality and learned that in order to ensure purity and potency, expert, rigorous analysis of finished oils was critical.

Today, using gas chromatography (GC) and mass spectrometry (MS) analysis, the phytochemical profile of every batch of Young Living essential oils is measured to evaluate each specific plant compound. Certain plant compounds must meet or exceed specific levels to ensure the oil is natural, pure, and therapeutic - grade. Only then does Young Living guarantee the oil will provide the desired results and label it Young Living Therapeutic Grade(TM) (YLTG).

D. Gary Young - Commitment to Discovery, Education, and Community


D. Gary Young's study of essential oils takes him all over the world in search of new plant sources and cultivation methods. His most recent work has centered in Guayaquil, Ecuador, where he currently lives with his family.

To support many of his efforts, Young Living Essential Oils recently built its newest farm, Finca Botanica Aromatica, in Guayaquil, Ecuador. The fertile ground and year - round growing season makes this South American paradise a profound resource for finding new plant sources. Here Gary oversees the cultivation of more than 2,000 acres of Palo Santo, lemongrass, and Ruta graveolens, along with other indigenous herbs and plants.

In addition to his work at Finca Botanica Aromatica, Gary Young also travels into the heart of the Ecuadorian jungle. Working closely with local botanists, Gary has identified many previously uncategorized plant specimens and is working to analyze the beneficial compounds in each of these exciting new discoveries.


Gary Young is the founder of The D. Gary Young Foundation: Young Living Outreach, which is involved in many community outreach programs, including spearheading the construction of one of Guayaquil's elementary schools, the Chongon school.

Gary's work throughout Guayaquil exposed him to the poor conditions of the school in Chongon. Forty - two students in grades one through six were crammed into a small room, sharing limited supplies and broken desks while their volunteer teacher gave lessons on a dilapidated chalkboard.

Thanks to contributions from The D. Gary Young Foundation, construction is complete on a brand new facility for the Chongon students. The building is finished, and landscaping for the new soccer field is being laid. The state - of - the - art building is more than just a structure, Gary has also revamped the school's curriculum. In addition to traditional subjects, for the first time ever these children will learn:

  • Hands - on farming: The children will be taught the basics while cultivating their own garden.
  • How to raise chickens and cows: The children will learn invaluable skills that will last a lifetime.
  • Practical knowledge: The children will learn how to apply what they are taught in the classroom to everyday life.
  • Health: The children will enjoy weekly health classes taught by Gary or another health professional.

For more information on the Chongon School, The D. Gary Young Foundation, and to learn how to contribute, visit The D. Gary Young Foundation website.