Founder's Words of Wisdom

Seed to Seal - a Process that only Young Living can claim!

Article reposted with Young Living's permission

Every time I walk the fields on one of our farms, I am deeply inspired by the beauty and tremendous growth, with its endless possibilities. Whether I am at the Winter Harvest working alongside members in the cold wind and blowing snow or in the desert heat of Salalah, Oman, where we gratefully distill Boswellia sacra, I find my greatest sense of fulfillment in being part of my Seed to Seal® process which I established more than 20 years ago a process that only Young Living can claim.

We proudly set the standards for authenticity and purity with our Seed to Seal foundation, which is seen in every aspect of our business. From the seeds we plant, through the harvest and distillation to the moment our bottles are sealed, we know that you will receive the naturally occurring, high-quality constituents that Mother Nature offers to provide you with uncompromising quality.

Our focus is to produce the best essential oils and oil-infused products in the world and to give people everywhere the tools and opportunity to reach their highest potential and live their dreams. We are growing abundantly because so many are achieving beyond their expectations, and possibilities are becoming limitless in the minds of our members who catch the vision of taking essential oils into every home.

Abundance in life fills the soul with gratitude, enlightens the mind, and gives meaning to us all as we share the vision of essential oils "true gifts from God" the perfect vehicle to manifest each heart's desire.

This is why I spend endless hours studying and researching, traveling around the globe visiting partner farms, and developing new farms. I spend many sleepless nights thinking about how to design and build the most efficient distilleries.

Seed to Seal isn't a slogan, it's our foundation, our commitment, and our demand for excellence. Our complex and painstaking process is just part of what we do because we know that what we do has the power to change lives in a very real way to inspire wellness, purpose, and abundance.

D Gary Young

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