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Get an extra boost from your daily workout! A dose of B vitamins, like those found in Young Living Super B tablets, supports healthy function of your cardiovascular system.

Don't compare your entrepreneurial journey to others. You have no idea what hidden roads they have taken.  You are the driver of your success!

You don't need brown sugar to make your favorite recipes. Simply mix 1 cup of xylitol with 2 tablespoons of Yacon Syrup and shake the mixture until evenly brown. It creates a flavorful sugar substitute.

Are you a bride or groom worried you might have the jitters before you say "I do"? Try rubbing Young Living's Frankincense essential oil on those cold feet to rid yourself of nervous energy

Want to enhance traditional Chinese soup? Add whole or mashed up NingXia Wolfberries to the broth for an interesting taste and a healthy boost.

Flying? To counteract the stale air in the airplane cabin, add a drop of peppermint essential oil to a moist towel to wipe your face, neck and arms.

Give your hummus a kick with Young Living's JuvaSpice. Simply blend 4 tsp. of the seasoning with two cloves of garlic, two cans of undrained garbanzo beans, 1/2 cup tahini, and two drops of Lemon essential oil for a delicious Greek treat.

Quench your thirst and curb snacking urges by adding 2-4 drops of Slique Essence to at least one glass of water a day.

Studies show regular exercise may help women experience less frequent and milder PMS symptoms. When you are keeping hydrated during that workout, include some of Young Living's Estro™ essential oil in your water bottle for extra support.

Things really start adding up in your Young Living business after you make an effort to share what you love about these products. Don't be afraid to tell your story! People can only embrace your ideas when they get a chance to hear them.

What's better than enjoying hummus on toast? Hummus seasoned with Young Living's JuvaSpice, of course. Mix in 4 tsp. JuvaSpice to your next fresh batch and savor the flavor.

Got a sunburn? Try spraying LavaDerm Cooling Mist on the affected area every 10 to 15 minutes.

Did you know dehydration can cause headaches? Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Make that drink more enjoyable by adding a drop of a Young Living citrus-based essential oil, Lemon, Grapefruit, or Orange.

Ready to let the stress melt away from your body? Fill your tub with hot water and Evening Peace Bath & Shower Gel. The botanical ingredients and therapeutic-grade essential oils will relax those tense muscles.

Drinking a cup of Young Living's Slique Tea at least 10 minutes before mealtime is a smart strategy for eating less while still filling full. Sip it and inhale the aroma to reduce your appetite.

"What each of us believes in is up to us, but life is impossible without believing in something."
- Author Kentetsu Takamori

Get an extra boost from your daily workout! A dose of B vitamins, like those found in Young Living Super B tablets, supports healthy function of your cardiovascular system.

"What each of us believes in, is up to us, but life is impossible without believing in something." - Author Kentetsu Takamori

Don't underestimate the power of building networks. Those bonds can help your Young Living business boom!

"Don't wait. The time will never be just right."
- Napoleon Hill, author

Drinking a cup of Young Living's Slique Tea at least 10 minutes before mealtime is a smart strategy for eating less while still feeling full. Sip it and inhale the aroma to reduce your appetite.

"We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give." - Winston Churchill

Create your own yoga mat cleaning solution: 24 drops tea tree oil, 24 drops lavender oil, 4oz of water, add to your favorite spray bottle, mist yoga mats.

Are you moving into a new home? Try using a water spray containing your favorite essential oil and transform the smell.
Chewing gum exercises your jaw and facial muscles. Now that's an added bonus to using Slique Gum in your diet multiple times a day!

Spray away mildew and musty smells in the bathroom. Mix 20 drops of Young Living's Melaleuca Alternifolia essential oil with two cups water in a spray bottle. Then spritz the mixture on moldy or mildewy areas like the shower. Don't rinse. Another favorite is Young Living's Thieves Essential Oil Blend!

Turn the page: The best chapter in the story of your Young Living business is the one that lies ahead.

You'll love this natural, fragrant countertop cleaner: Add 7 drops of Young Living's Lavender, Eucalyptus Radiata, Cinnamon Bark, Clove, Thyme, Pine, Grapefruit or Oregano essential oils to 2 cups of water and scrub away! Or, try our Thieves Household Cleaner.

Been living life in the fast lane? Place a few drops of your favorite Young Living essential oil on cotton balls and place them a few inches from your vents, or even underneath your seat, for a more pleasant commute!

Author Michael Pollan once wrote, "It's not food if it arrived through the window of your car." Live the healthiest lifestyle you possibly can by eating good food and using Young Living essential oils.

Got a pair of stinky shoes sitting in your closet? Get rid of the odor by putting a few drops of Young Living's Geranium or Lemon essential oil onto a cotton ball, then into the shoe!

Don't let negative dreams inhibit the way you visualize your life. Diffuse Dream Catcher essential oil blend or apply it to your forehead, ears, throat, eyebrows or neck. Let those positive dreams shine through!

Favorite Young Living scents that enhance positive emotion, used to relax and rebalance our bodies and spirit are Peace & Calming, Harmony, Inspiration, Joy, Gratitude and Envision to name just a few.

Make your own laundry soap! Here's the scoop on how to make a natural powdered detergent: Mix 2 cups castile bar soap (like Dr. Bronner's) grated into flakes, then add 3 cups washing soda, 4 cups baking soda, and 4 drops lavender essential oil. Store in a

Daily exercise goes hand in hand with taking Young Living's BLM(TM) capsules. Choose low-impact exercises, such as walking or swimming, which do not put too much stress on your joints while helping you stay fit.

This hardwood floor cleaning recipe works as hard as you do. It both cleans and conditions. Use 1 gallon hot water, 1 cup olive oil, 1 cup lemon juice and a few drops of Young Living's Orange essential oil. Mop and let it dry. It's that simple!

Did you know that taking just a whiff of your favorite smells can reduce stress, remind you of great people, places and fun, and increase your happiness?

The future belongs to you!

Young Living's Vetiver essential oil is a great choice for massage therapy due to its grounding aroma. You'll definitely want to give it a try!

Add a twist to brownies. After preparing batter, add 10 to 15 drops Young Living Orange essential oil and mix well. The brownies will have a heavenly hint of citrus to complement the chocolate.


Feeling anxious? Here are some suggestions to help you find relief.

De-stressing with Young Living Essential Oils...

Sometimes, it can feel like the world is moving too fast and there just aren't enough hours in the day. Reach for Young Living's Stress Away, Peace and Calming or Valor.


Beauty experts share quick tricks for naturally beautiful skin care about salt and wellness. One suggestion? Create a body scrub using olive oil, salt and the essential oil of your choice!

Young Living's Dill essential oil has a spicy, fresh scent that is stimulating, revitalizing, and balancing. Use Dill for cooking or preparing food to enhance flavor!

Have you tried our Young Living Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier? It's made with clean, natural essential oils and no synthetics. You might want to keep some "handy" for anytime you can't get away to wash up! Great for kids, too! 


As peak flu season ends and sunny days arrive, prepare your loved ones for a happy, healthy spring. Young Living essential oils are perfect for your family this spring.


Looking for a great non-dairy calcium source? Young Living's MultiGreens capsules contain barley grass, which offers 11 times more calcium than an 8-oz. glass of milk.

If you love the smell of freshly dried clothes, but don't want to overpower them with store-bought products, put a sock in it! Combined with a few drops of essential oil, the sock will keep your clothes bursting with good scents.  Some favorites are Young Living's Lavender Oil, Thieves Blend, Peace & Calming among the many choices.

Age is just a number when you take good care of your body. Take a smart step in that direction by using BLM capsules or powder to support your bone and joint health.

Company coming over? Create an inviting atmosphere by diffusing Orange essential oil!

Essential oils are versatile, and can have multiple uses.

Making a smoothie? Essential oils like Lime, Orange, Grapefruit, Cinnamon, and Lemon can add an extra boost of flavor! Plus, it’s so good for you.

Many people ask me…Why do you use Young Living essential oils? I tell them that from the time the seed is sourced until the oil is sealed in the bottle, Young Living applies rigorous quality controls to ensure that you are receiving essential oils exactly the way nature intended.

One good way to relax and de-stress is by creating your own at-home spa experience. You can do this by incorporating Young Living therapeutic grade essential oils into your normal morning and evening routines.

Breathe Again Roll-On from Young Living is a portable option that brings the power of essential oils wherever you happen to be.       https://goo.gl/ZnBhal

Did you know angelica essential oil was historically known as the "oil of angels"?

Having trouble selecting your Young Living diffuser? Take a look at these options!

You love Young Living, and all you want to do is fill the air with Joy, Release, SleepEssence, or another great essential oil single or blend. Your choice because Young Living offers a variety of favorites.  


Do you know the difference between fragrance oils and high quality Young Living essential oils? Your body deserves the highest quality!


Did you know Young Living's Believe™ essential oil blend has been reformulated? It has a pleasing aroma that is both grounding and invigorating. Using this essential oil supports feelings of strength and faith.

"Nature has provided us with the essentials oils of aromatherapy that can help with balancing the psyche, energizing bodies, igniting passion, and help in calming for meditation and relaxation."

Thinking big while starting small is the only way to realize one's true potential in business.

Have you tried Thieves Household Cleaner on your floors? Not only is it nontoxic, but it will leave your home smelling terrific!  Don't forget your countertops.

Essential oils from citrus fruits - such as lemon, orange and grapefruit - smell great, don't they?

For homemade linen spray, add a few drops of your favorite Young Living essential oil to water and spritz your linens before ironing.


Treat yourself with this great recipe for an at home exfoliant: Mix 1/2 cup white sugar with 1/2 cup coconut oil and 10 drops of your favorite Young Living essential oil. Rub onto hands and feet, then rinse and pat dry. (You can also treat your friends! Why not have the ladies over for a DIY Mani-Pedi Party?)


Vitamin D3—an ingredient in Young Living's OmegaGize³ capsules and produced by the body when exposed to sunlight—helps form and maintain strong bones.


Want to boost your productivity? Entrepreneur.com recommends six essential oils that make "scents" for use at the office to help you get the job done!

"What you are doing will shift the consciousness of the planet." — Motivational speaker Wayne Dyer at Young Living's 2013 Convention


Frankincense resin can stimulate the flow of saliva, which helps the human body digest foods quicker and easier. Just another good reason to chew Slique Gum.

Young Living and Oola have partnered to offer the one-of-a-kind Oola Grow essential oil blend, which encourages focus. Learn more here:

Need a good night's rest? Young Living's SleepEssence capsules offer melatonin, a natural sleep aid, to promote a peaceful slumber.  Wake up during the night?  Keep Young Living's Essential Oil Blend RutaVala on your night stand.


You've got every excuse in the world not to exercise. Or, you can use Young Living essential oils to help you get motivated to make a change!  Get started now!


Ready to really relax? Try diffusing two to three drops of Young Living's Frankincense essential oil while you're getting cozy by the fireplace. Grab your slippers, sit back, and enjoy.


Stretching before and after a workout helps prevent sore muscles and injuries to ligaments or tendons. Always spend a few minutes stretching, and don't forget to use Young Living's Deep Relief Roll-On after a workout.


Had a long day? Here's a great idea: Combine a few drops of Bergamot with a carrier oil to be used with a relaxing foot massage.

What makes Young Living's essential oils stand apart? For starters, the exceptional quality guaranteed by the Seed to Seal® process!