From Young Living Essential Oils Founder Gary Young

Dear Friends,

This is perhaps the most exciting period in the history of Young Living Essential Oils. The company is experiencing unprecedented growth and with each passing year, new goals for increased wellness, purpose, and abundance are set and surpassed. However, with success comes competition - and as more essential oil companies arrive on the market, many members of the Young Living family have asked what it means to be a part of Young Living, and what sets this company, and its products apart.

Young Living has been dedicated to rediscovering the healing power found in nature since its humble beginnings on a small farm outside of Spokane, Washington. Since our start, Young Living has grown to a miraculous 4,500 acres of farmland on three continents, with a product line of more than 400 essential oils, nutritional supplements, and personal care items. This growth would not have been possible without the many loyal Young Living independent distributors, customers, and employees who believe in the products and in Young Living as a company. It is the responsibility of Young Living, in turn, to ensure that this increase in prosperity is met with increased quality, and that every new product Young Living develops is worthy of your support.

The strict product standards Young Living follows have helped ensure both continued growth and production of the highest quality therapeutic - grade essential oils. Those standards include the best plants and soil, extensive research of harvesting and distillation techniques, and gas chromatograph and mass spectrometer essential oil analysis. This way, Young Living customers are assured that every bottle of essential oil and every product with the Young Living name is the best that nature has to offer.

It is the harmony of these components - your support and the Young Living therapeutic - grade standard - that makes Young Living the world leader in essential oils.

Essentially yours,

D. Gary Young
Founder and President, Young Living Essential Oils