Founder's Words of Wisdom


     Young Living is on the move, and there is much excitement in the air as our numbers keep climbing.    This was a very busy summer for our company, and it's amazing how quickly the time has gone, with fall already here.

    We went from our International Grand Convention in June, to Lavender Day in July, to Gold Retreat in August, to the European Convention in Prague in early September, and to Silver Retreat in mid-September, with 2,500 people attending.

   By the time you read this, the Canadian Diamonds will have had their retreat at the Skyrider Wildernes Ranch in Tabiona, which I'm sure will have been a special time for them.

   At the end of the month, we will have had the third annual Fall Festival and Draft Horse Show at our farm in Mona.  This was one of Gary's great dreams and perhaps the last that he was able to experience.  I hope many of you were able to join us for this amazing event, which Gary foresaw almost 20 years ago.  It puts his love of horses in the middle of this farm that grows and distills plants for essential oils that are shipped all over the world.  This is the farm where you can see a lot of what Gary loved so much.

   Attending these events without Gary has felt very strange, although many feel he is watching over all of us.  Many say they feel his spirit at the farm, but that will be for you to determine when you are there.

   His legacy goes forward with great speed and excitement.  Jacob, Josef, and I, as well as many who were so close to Gary, are filled with gratitude and are comforted by your love and commitment.

   We look forward to seeing you somewhere at one of our many Young Living events.

   May God Bless you all,


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