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Young Living's #1 best selling collection. 12 Essential Oils plus a Desert Mist diffuser at the wholesale price of $165.00! In addition, favorite product samples to experience and enjoy! 

New Member Sign Up Sheet

This flyer allows for it to be used alone if a member chooses to order only the Basic Starter New Member collection. May also be printed off and used as the backside of any one of our Premium Collections creating a front to back one page document. It requires the information Young Living needs to set up a new account properly.

Feelings Essential Oil Collection

Six proprietary essential oil blends, provides the foundation for balancing energy, forgiveness, and identifying one's self!

Reconnect Essential Oil Collection

Enjoy a restful night's sleep ~ by relaxing and calming the body ~ release negative emotions ~ promote higher thoughts!

Golden Touch 1 Collection

Golden Touch 1 provides immune protection throughout the year. The oil blend formulas in this collection have been specifically created to take advantage of essential oil constituents that support many functions of the body. A total of 7 Blends!


This chart breaks out the comparison between the measuring spoons and individual drops of oils.  The essential oils strength is more powerful than the dried herbs and the saying less is more works here.

Important to utilize the taste test before increasing automatically.  

Twelve Questions to Ask

We are finding ourselves more frequently approached by competing essential oil companies to sell and promote their brand. They always claim to have "pure therapeutic grade" oils that are as good as or better than those of Young Living." Here are some questions to ask when approached by another essential oil company.